Philips Rappaport-Sprague Parts (formerly Hewlet Packard)

Philips Rappaport-Sprague  Parts (formerly Hewlet Packard)

Rappaport-Sprague Stethoscope The much loved Philips Rappaport-Sprague stethoscope is no longer being manufactured. We have heard from health professionals all over the world in search of one, but alas the last one we were able to obtain was sold to the son of a doctor who lost his in huricane Katrina. In later years we have been able to supply parts, also to doctors all over the world. Those parts are definitely dwindling now as they are also no longer being made. We have a few original chestpieces and eartips. Recently we had the good fortune to locate a company making tubing which appears to be a duplicate of the original. We are still looking for the binaural tubes and binaural springs. Order what you can now and check back with us for your other needs.