Jobst ® Jolastic Washing solution for support stockings 12oz

Jobst ® Jolastic Washing solution for support stockings 12oz
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Product Description

Jolastic ® Special Washing Solution
Washing solution formulated for elastic garments to remove soil, body acids, and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to the fabric.
12 Oz bottle
An instruction for use insert is included with every pair of stockings in the package.
Laundering instructions are included on each pair of Jobst stockings as a sewn in label or printed on the stocking (inside the knee band or on the foot) with the exception of Jobst Custom Seamed stockings. Custom Seamed laundering instructions are available in the package insert.

Laundering Instructions
-Wash in warm water (105 degrees F / 40 degrees C)
-Do not add bleach
-Use a delicate fabric detergent
-Rinse well
-Air dry
To help maintain the stockings they may be hand washed or machine washed on gentle cycle in a mesh bag.
The stockings dry quickly if laid flat or hung to air dry. A machine dryer may be used on a low or delicate setting.