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Feeding pump sets are canisters or bags hanging from a drip or IV stand which hold formula for nutritional support. These plastic bags are used for 24 hours and then discarded. The feeding or enternal pumps, which are used with these bags, come with alarms. These alarms alert the patient or caregiver if the pump is running on battery power, if there is a blockage in the flow of formula, if there is a kink in the feeding tube, or if the bag of formula is empty. Taking care of this feeding pump is not difficult. The tubes need to be rinsed with warm water. The canister that holds the feeding sets only needs to be scrubbed with warm sudsy water.

Feeding tubes are used for people who have trouble eating for one reason or another. Stroke patients often use feeding tubes, especially during recovery, as do some children and adults with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, cancer, and other disorders. However, having a feeding tube is not always a permanent condition. Often, the skills necessary to chew and swallow are regained, and the tube is removed.

Through the feeding tube, most patients are fed with a prepared/canned formula plus water for hydration. Many people use homemade formulas prepared from cooked, blenderized foods, but caution should be used to prevent clogging the tube. When determining how much formula to give, consultation with a doctor or medical advisor is absolutely necessary.