Pressure Relief Cushions

These cushions can be use on any chair, wheelchair, car seat or whatever is available. Take these cushions in the car, on an airplane or the restaurant. Cushions can make an uncomfortable sitting position more bearable.

Inflatable Red Rubber Cushion DONUT
Comfort is supplied by the 4 1/2" center hole. Two sizes are available.
Duromed Coccyx Cushion
to relieve pressure from the coccyx/tailbone area while also relieving small back pain
Invacare Foam Ring Cushion
This Foam Ring Cushion is ideal for wheelchair bound patients and hemorrhoid suffers
Invacare Supply Group Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion
Coccyx cushion for support and pressure relief
Invacare Lumbar Cushion
helps relieve soreness and unwanted lower back pressure by maintaining proper posture